I’m Pam Chavez and there's one thing I know for sure...when you drop the extra weight and lose the exhaustion, life as a Military Spouse turns into a much more enjoyable ride.

Hands down, no question

-- it’s amazing!









My guess is you're pretty awesome.


You bend over backwards to take care of everything. Kiddos, husband, sports, appointments, birthday parties.


But let me ask you a question...how are you doing? How do you feel? How are your clothes fitting? How tired are you?


How in the heck are you supposed to get healthy when you're constantly solo parenting and in a state of survival mode?


Is it always going to be this hard?


No, no it's not.

It doesn't matter how many Pinterest boards you create with healthy recipes. How many diets you jump on board with. If you don't learn how to make it all happen while living in this incredibly rewarding and often lonely lifestyle, the changes won't stick.


You weren't born with a degree in nutrition, but thankfully I have one of those and can help you. I've also spent the last 3 years teaching Military Spouses the lifestyle tweaks that make all the difference in their longterm health. And I've got delicious and simple meal plans that work for the entire family. Because who has time for anything other than simple? And who wants anything other than delicious? Not me!


I'll never tell you to ask for help. I mean, that's a big fat joke right? All of your friends are just as tired and busy as you are.


Let's get real for a second. You're surrounded by people. Women everywhere. But finding someone who *gets* you, someone you actually look forward to grabbing a coffee with, isn't easy to come by. And when you finally find her, it's time to move again. Shit, this is hard.


Health on the Homefront is filled with your type of women. A woman who has the exact struggles you do, but not someone who wants to piss and moan about it, someone who wants to create positive change in their life. It's a community of foodies looking to lose weight and feel better!



Don't buy a new gown.

Fit into one you already have.


You meant to start a diet ages ago.

Now you're running out of time.

Don't worry, I gotcha!

But you don't have anymore time to lose.

And who is this sweary, yet awesome woman who sheds a little tear everyday

she isn't eating Korean food straight outta Korea?


Let me introduce myself.

Foodie. Big dreamer. Traveler. Empath. Girl next door. Loves to change lives. Must have my morning cuppa joe. Momma to 3 crazy boys. Holistic in a military world.

Loves a delicious meal out with girlfriends.


I hate to be told what to do but I still made it in the Army as a combat medic, because I love to follow rules.


My GI Bill gave me a culinary degree as well as a Certification in Holistic Nutrition Consulting.


I love my crazy military life and couldn't be more proud of my husband. But I also know how incredibly important it is to carve out time to do stuff for me by me.


I'll tell ya, it's not easy running a biz providing for a community of women who don't put a lot of stock into their own self care.


But I'm on a mission to show how possible it is. And how much better your days are when you invest in yourself a bit.

In my 20s, while waiting tables in Chicago I met someone, fell in love and the next thing I knew I was selling every last one of my belongings to join him on an adventure around the world. No kidding. I carried everything I owned on my back through Peru, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, India, and the European Union. For a year!


I guess that makes me well suited for a life of moving every handful of years. I always look forward to discovering the new restaurants and grocery stores at our next duty station. Will we live near a Trader Joes this time? Nope, never.


As my kiddos get older it gets harder to pick up and start over all the time. Mostly because we accumulate so much shit when we have kids. Am I right?


I knew if I was going to make it in this highly demanding role as a Military Spouse I was going to have to figure out how to not completely lose myself in this lifestyle. How to not over-volunteer, over stretch or spread myself too thin. Which I see so many others doing.


I have found a way to follow my dreams, stay a healthy weight, and fight off exhaustion while having healthy boundaries. Not everyone will understand but it's not your job to make them. This is your life, your health, and you don't get any of these days back.


I'm down 14 lbs, joint aches and other discomforts are gone, my skin looks better, my mind is sharper, junk cravings are gone, way more energy and I've ditched sugar, gluten, and am down to a small cup of coffee each day. I'm sleeping great and my athletic performance is improved..she is one of us. I'm so happy to support other military spouse businesses, and this one is truly high quality.


Wendy Morgan, Military Spouse


I met Pam one of my first weeks in Korea. I cannot put into words all of the emotions that I was experiencing at that time but Pam was this sense of calm for me. She was so knowledgeable and helpful. She’s one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met and she has such a giving heart.


          Sara Bottrell, Military Spouse

I am feeling so thankful today...I started following Pam's meal plans...I was waffling between 163 and 165 pounds and I didn't have a lot of energy and in general felt icky most days...Today though, I weighed in at 153 but more importantly the last two weeks I have had more energy and felt great. 


Ashley Stockton, Military Spouse

Nobody wants a deployment to happen. Nobody.


But there's no stopping it.


So use that time to get healthy, lose weight, and create the surprise of your life.


Homecoming Reset.

Turning a dreaded event into a healthy makeover opportunity.


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